Simplifying your way to freedom

What exactly are we gaining freedom from?

  • Freedom from money worries
  • Freedom from dieting
  • Freedom from clutter
  • Freedom from the stress and overwhelm of everyday life

You’re a planner and being married to someone with a chronic illness is hard to plan around!

In addition to the normal unpredictability of life, you never know when your husband will be well enough to help out or when he’ll be down for the count for a week or more. Or worse yet, have a major medical crisis that takes over your life for a bit. This makes it hard to create a routine and use your time well.

I totally get it.

I never expected for the love of my life to be a man with renal failure. My husband has a rare genetic disease (dense deposit disease) that caused his kidneys to fail when he was 8. He did peritoneal dialysis until he received a living transplant from his grandma at the age of 13.

Unfortunately, his disease is recurring and his transplant only lasted 5 years. He’s been doing hemodialysis ever since.

Being a planner, it’s taken some adjusting being married to someone with unpredictable health. I always planned on having kids, and I knew that our life would require some extra planning to make it work.

Before adding kids to the mix, I’ve been working on:

  • Building up six-months of savings to give us more stability
  • Being in my best health possible, so that I can be well enough to care for my husband, household and future kids, as well as have a healthy pregnancy, all while working full-time
  • Creating adaptive routines so I can keep up with the household while dealing with my husband’s unpredictable health
  • Simplifying our lives and cutting out the unnecessary things- both physical things and time wasters

And most importantly I’ve been working on learning to let things go and cutting myself slack.

So far we’ve managed to:

  • Pay off both our cars
  • Increase our savings rate to 16% and currently have 1 month in savings
  • Eat whole food plant based about 80% of the time (me), have good monthly blood work (Brennen)
  • Create weekly routines to keep up with the housework
  • Get rid of 2 truckloads of stuff

And most importantly, though life isn’t perfect and I’m not managing everything perfectly, I’ve never been happier!

I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you so you can start simplifying your way to freedom too!

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