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Uber Frugal Challenge Day 14- Insourcing! I Cut My Hair

Today’s mantra: I have the power to decrease my dependence on others and do things on my own.

Today’s action: Do something yourself that in the past you’ve paid someone to do (hint: you don’t have to start with renovating your kitchen, you could start small with making your own coffee instead of buying it this morning).

I remember reading Liz’s post about cutting their own hair, and I thought, I could never do that. As we established in my last post, I’m not the most done up person, and my hair also falls into my “good enough” category so it was surprising that that was my response. I’ve had my hair professionally cut my whole life, except for side sweep bang trims, that’s my specialty. Then my current hairdresser had her third kid and went MIA.

My backdoor neighbor had a salon out of her house, so I thought about going to her, but then I started thinking more about Liz insourcing their haircutting and I started to mull over the idea. I watched a lot of youtube videos, and though I didn’t have many layers before, it seemed like the easiest way to cut your own hair was the ponytail on the forehead technique, especially for someone who can’t cut a straight line, like me. Now, I’ve had a pixie cut before, and regularly grow my hair and chop it, so messing up and needing to cut it shorter didn’t scare me. And like I said, my backdoor neighbor is a hair stylist if I really messed things up.

So, I finally decided that this weekend was the weekend. I told my boss what I was doing and said that my goal was for her to not be able to tell that I’d cut my own hair that weekend when I was back at work. She’s an observant lady, so this was my test. After I showered on Saturday, I pulled my hair into a ponytail in the middle of my forehead, wrapped another pony around the end, and I cut off about an inch (like this). I immediately took the pony’s out, brushed my hair out and voila! I had nice tiered layers, it didn’t look butchered at all! I cut into the ends a bit to soften up the lines and that was it!

Tuesday I went into work and waited to see what my boss would say. I waited a couple hours to see if she said anything, and then finally brought the topic up myself- she couldn’t even tell I’d cut it- success! I’ve cut my hair a couple more times since then, it’s such a breeze and only takes 5 min after a shower!

I haven’t braved cutting my husband’s hair yet, though I did buzz it last summer, at his request. He’s one who gets it cut short (not usually buzzed) and then lets it grow for a couple months, so for now, I’m content with paying $20/quarter for his haircuts.

What’s something that you started insourcing? Was it something kind of scary, like cutting your own hair, or did you ease in with something simpler?

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