Uber Frugal Month Simplify Finances

Uber Frugal Month Day 1- Know Your Short-Term Why

Today’s mantra: Anything in life that’s worth doing takes effort.

Challenge: Write down why you’re participating in the Uber Frugal Month as well as your answers to the other questions in the below post.

When I think about the next 5-10 years, the way my life is heading is not where I want to end up. Can I paint you a picture of my ideal day?

I wake up without an alarm after sleeping for 8 hours. My husband plays with the kids, while I make us all breakfast. We say our morning prayers, eat as a family, and read scriptures together. Then I head to the garden and the kids play outside for the next hour, while my husband cleans up breakfast.

We come back inside and all get cleaned up for the day. We have a snack and start homeschool. At lunchtime the kids help me make the food and again, we all eat together. Another couple hours of homeschooling and then it’s free-time for everyone. I can spend the next couple hours working on my business, until dinner time. We eat dinner together and spend the evening playing and goofing off together. Then bedtime snacks, nighttime prayers and head to bed.

I should probably mention that I don’t actually have any kids yet, so I realized this is probably pretty idealized, but I can dream, right? The main idea behind my ideal day is pretty simple though- a leisurely day at home with my family. It doesn’t sound like it costs very much either.

The main thing standing in the way of this life is the fact that I’m the sole breadwinner, working full-time outside the home. That puts a slight kink in the plan. Also, we don’t have any kids yet, but that’ll happen when it happens.

Seeing this disconnect between where I’m currently at and where I want to be, has been a good motivator for me. It’s forced me to ask some hard questions about what changes need to be made so I can make my goal a reality. The biggest change is my source of income. I need to find a way to make an income from home. So, meet my side-hustle (ahem, you’re reading it). I’ve dabbled with a few different work-from-home ideas, but blogging seems to be the one that fits best with my current lifestyle and the lifestyle I’m aiming for.

So how does the Uber Frugal Month Challenge fit into all this? Well, the more frugally we can learn to live, the less money we need to live on, and the less money I need to earn from my side-hustle in order for us to live. AKA, the sooner I can make my dream a reality.

Having a strong picture in my mind of where I want my future to end up, makes it easier for me to make better decisions now that’ll help me reach that future. At least, that’s the idea. The key is keeping the vision of that future in the forefront of my mind. I already have a strong desire to be home with my husband, and I know that pull to be home will only get worse once we have kids. Also, all the hobbies that I want to pursue more in-depth (gardening, sewing, etc) involve me being at home. Basically, I just want an easy-going life at home.

What about you? What does your ideal day look like? What’s your “why” in all this? What’s the future that you’re aiming for?

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