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Uber Frugal Month Day 13- No Makeup Day!

Today’s mantra: I refuse to waste my money on the notion that there’s something wrong with how I naturally look.

Today’s action: Go for a day without wearing makeup (or wearing less makeup). Note the time and money you’d save if you did this every day. More importantly, how do you feel knowing you’re owning your own natural, awesome beauty?

I couldn’t agree with Liz more on this topic! I did this experiment a few years ago. I stopped wearing makeup. It started out being out of laziness and because I work in a locked lab with 2 other women who don’t care what I look like. I continued to abstain because it made me sad that I wasn’t comfortable seeing my natural face. I’ve never put too much effort into my appearance- I’m a “good enough” kind of person, but this aversion to my natural face surprised me.

I’ve never been a huge makeup wearer. I never liked the idea of not truly looking like myself. You know those girls who you almost don’t recognize when they don’t have their makeup on? I’m not trying to bad mouth girls like that, there’s nothing wrong with doing things that way, that’s just not for me. Plus I had this irrational fear that I’d get pushed into a pool and all my makeup would drip off and I’d be a runny mess. Better to be safe than sorry and just wear natural makeup, right? Gotta love middle school fears.

I could never do foundation or concealer- my face was too fuzzy- plus I hate washing my face at night (I’m lazy, and messy…water everywhere). I did eyeshadow for a while, but it always seemed to end up under my eyes or in my eyelid crease. Blush never seemed to stay on my face for more than a couple hours, so I switched to stain which lasted longer on my face and longer as a product (I didn’t need to buy it as often). I know what you’re thinking- I need to get better quality makeup, it’ll stay better- well both my sisters are makeup gurus, so I was using the good stuff- Bobbi Brown, Nars, Mac, my face and I are just special.

So by this point, I’m down to cheek stain, eyeliner, and mascara. I’m not wearing much makeup to begin with, but I was still not in love with my natural face. So I stopped wearing makeup to work. I still wore it to church and when I went out- and you can bet I dolled up when I met my husband. Now he tells me he can’t tell a difference between when I wear makeup and when I don’t, he’s a keeper.

Without makeup I thought I look deathly pale, my eyes looked small and my eyelashes almost non-existent. But you know what? To everyone else, I just looked like Jo. Maybe a little more tired- but that just encourages me to actually get sleep at night (it is called beauty rest after all).

I started using coconut oil as my face moisturizer this year and while I love it (more about that in a later post), it made my eyelids too oily for eyeliner. So, now my makeup is down to mascara and cheek stain. And I only wear it when I’m going out, or feel like it. Makeup has become optional, not a necessity. I do buy high-quality makeup, but I don’t feel too bad about the expense when I’m buying one cheek stain and 2 mascara’s a year.

What are your feelings on makeup? Is it a necessity? Have you gone or could you go a day without makeup?

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